We hope you enjoy our system and programs, and feel free to ask us any questions. Please call or email, and we will be happy to assist you with any inquiries and purchases.

The word "Bio" comes from the Greek word, "βίος" which means LIFE. BioTune is designed as a balanced system of resources to assist and support you in every aspect of your life. Our system of highest quality audio programs have all been formulated together to guide you into a deeper state of mind, experience and intelligence that bring health, vitality, peace, joy, empowerment and self-knowing. We call this state Whole-Mind Intelligence or, simply, Oneness.

We recommend working with our programs in this order:

-Sonic Foundation Series™: use each of the 4 program for 2 - 3 weeks regularly, then as desired.

-The Body Balancer Kit™: use at any time as an excellent compliment to all of the other programs.

-The Integration Series:use each of the 4 program for 2 - 3 weeks regularly, then as desired.

-Breath Of Life: use whenever you want to work with your breath and deeper alignment.

-Advanced Healing™: use each program for 2 - 3 weeks regularly, then as desired.

Each series is organized in order to gain the best results. Each program builds on the next, acting as the experience and connection needed for you to be strong, secure, confident balanced, coherent and nourished.

However, We all have our own needs and timing, so feel free to choose whatever programs you feel called to use from our entire system. For example, Sonic One, Body Balancer Kit and Sensory Integration work very well together in combination.

Our approach is an all-inclusive holistic process. We have spent the last decade working within the field of what we now call Sound Frequency Healing™. The science behind Sound Frequency Healing™ is backed by over 50 years of documented scientific clinical studies and research.

Click here for a list of references and published works

The goal of Sound Frequency Healling™ is to gradually, safely and gently guide the mind back to

conscious Oneness.

The path of Oneness is of greater and greater enjoyment.

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