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Trauma Release

This program works very well with resolving physical trauma, such as car accidents, falls, getting hit and Listening-Instructions.phpshapeimage_7_link_0

•   Assist with releasing physical and emotional trauma

•   Facilitates deer understanding

•   Helps in integrating traumatic situations

•   Assists with finding your deeper resourcing and trusting your higher inteligence



Running time: 70 Minutes

Track 1) 25min. 2) 45min.

Specific sonic frequencies associated with accessing releasing resolving and integrating trauma, be it physical emotion or otherwise. Mixed with primordial nature sounds.

Head Phones


"This CD helped me to resolve a very old deep trauma. I had many insightful dreams, some that were reocurring, that gave me a new perspective and way to resolve my past and let go. I did not know this was possible."

Milly L.A. Ca.


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