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Sonic Two builds on Sonic One

Precisely tuned audible and inaudible sonic frequency tones mixed with a relaxing, primordial soundscape of Australian rainforest, ocean waves and birds. Designed to relax and slow down cognitive, mental thinking and the nervous system, so you can perceive from your deeper wholeness and knowing intelligence. Assists with unlocking the mind from patterns shaped by limiting fear-based perceptions and history. Works with resetting the nervous system, unraveling and releasing unhealthy defense structures while bridging Whole-Mind Intelligence to the Listening-Instructions.php shapeimage_8_link_0


Running time: 70 Minutes

Track 1) 25min. 2) 45min.

7 Finely tuned fundamental sonic frequencies mixed with primordial nature sounds and brain wave frequency in the second phase of the delta range.

Head Phones


"I feel energy spirals moving around in my brain and all over my body. If I slow down and let my mind merge with them I find myself in an entirely different experience. A -grander- experience is the best word I can think of to describe this state of mind. I am very grateful for this, as it reminds me that it is my real state, and I need to honor it more and not get pulled into limited thinking. When I am able to hold this state of mind miracles and synchronicities happen moment by moment.


Carol, NY NY


•   Remember innate Inteligence

•   Move through limiting thought patterns

•   Retune to higher calling

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