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Sonic One is recommended as a starting point

Precisely tuned sound frequency tones mixed with gentle ocean waves. Designed to bring you into a deep, balanced reset point or zero-point. Helps to reset your nervous system out of Listening-Instructions.php shapeimage_7_link_0

Reset and Renew


Running time: 70 Minutes

Track 1) 25min. 2) 45min.

Assists in dropping you below "fight or flight" fear-based responses and increasing your logical, intelligent and creative options. Deepens sleep, introduces fundamental tones and sub-tones that balance and nourish your system as a whole. Helping to bring you back into the resonance and intelligence of Source-Oneness.

Head Phones


"When I listen to this CD, I feel like I am getting a download of higher intelligence. I sleep deep and wake up with energy."

Don, L.A. Ca


•   Deeper experience of Source-Oneness

•   Deeper experience of peace

•   Assists in resetting the nervous system

•   More restful Delta sleep

•   Calm clarity in challenging times

•   Greater insights in logical thinking

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