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•   Be the light of the world

•   Listen & act from higher inteligence

•   Physical electro-magnetic grounding

•   Greater capacity in forgiveness

•   Stay the course for COMPLETION


Running time: 70 Minutes
Track 1) 40min. 
Finely tuned specific sonic frequencies mixed with primordial nature sounds and brain wave frequency in the creative Alpha range. balances left/right hemispheres of the brain. Stabilizes the nervous system guiding you move beyond limiting staling patterns and stay the course for completion!

Head Phones

Sonic Four builds on Sonic One, Two and Three

Pure sonic frequency tones mixed with primordial nature sounds of birds, ocean waves, whales, dolphins, human heartbeats, and pure running streams. Designed to achieve a consistent, relaxed, inwardly aware, creative state. Assists in relaxed, peaceful inspiration and focused creation coming from Whole-Mind Intelligence. Works with accessing new ideas, information and innovation as well as Listening-Instructions.phpshapeimage_8_link_0

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