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Sonic Foundation Series

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Welcome to BioTune! 

This is the Sonic Foundation Series. We recommend you start with these 4 programs. 

The Sonic Foundation Series™ is a gentle and very powerful way to quiet the mental chatter while accessing a higher state of Whole-Mind Intelligence, healing and renewal. It offers fundamental sound frequencies that balance and re-calibrate your system as a whole.

Our point of view is that healing, renewal, intelligence and vitality happen first on the level and origins of the mind, where we experience the source of life from within. The Sonic Foundation Series works with fundamental frequency tones that guide the mind back into a deeper natural state of resonance and union. This perceptual and experiential shift takes you out of fear, stress, the About.php Power-Of-Sound.php Power-Of-Sound.php Listening-Instructions.php We-recommend.php We-recommend.php