Sound actually creates, organizes and forms all the basic fundamental shapes found throughout the known universe. For more than 50 years, scientists have proven this to be true. They refer to these forms as "Sacred Geometry." Scientist Hans Jenny has extensively researched this in his work, Cymatics.


Here we have an amazing video demonstrating the effects of sound being played underneath sand pebbles on a metal plate, causing them to move and organize into geometric shapes. Notice the coherency and symmetry of the shapes:

Sound Is A Unifier

Sound operates through the law of Resonance. Resonance eliminates the limitations of the "sender and receiver dynamic." Resonance is where two become one, where minds join. Resonance is, in itself, a state of awareness and experiential knowing far beyond concept and mental, cognitive thinking. On the vibration field-form-body-time level, resonance is the experiential state of Oneness.

Scientists and engineers broadly define Sound to include frequency vibrations in the air that are within, lower and higher than human hearing range as well as those traveling through gases, liquids, solids and plasmas. Sound has the ability to affect whatever forms it comes into contact with by exposing that form to a different rate of frequency vibration.

Sound frequency resonance can open the doorways to the infinite by dissolving defenses, walls and boundaries. In this context, a defense, wall or boundary is a place, perception or experience in the mind-body that is not in resonance with the whole. Sound has the ability to bring this place back into Oneness by changing its rate of vibration through sympathetic vibration - Resonance. Depending on the frequencies being used, sound vibratory resonance can facilitate accessing a state of understanding and knowing without the need for limits, fears and defenses. Sound waves can travel below the order of mental cognitive defense structures and deliver a deeper experiential state of harmony. Resonance is not a mental idea. It is a visceral knowing-feeling state beyond question. We call this Sound Frequency Healing.

Fluid Resonance

On the 3D level, the body is more than 70% water. The cells function and formulate according to a fluid resonance-movement. Systemic resonance based on thought, harmony and vibration informs the water and brings it into more coherency, which allows for more vitality.

When a system is in a state of discord, it is no longer operating as a whole. Instead, its different parts operate independently, disrupting intelligence and communication and decreasing vitality. This phenomenon is seen in "cancer," when "cancer cells" begin to operate independently, causing a breakdown in systemic function. By exposing the entire mind-body system to fundamental sound frequencies, the system can come back into harmony through resonance. Because the body is mostly fluid on the 3D level and frequency vibration on the Quantum Physics level, Sound-resonance is highly effective at influencing and re-harmonizing a disorganized system on a fundamental level.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s groundbreaking work in Messages From Water provides factual evidence.

Here we have an example of sound being applied to a bowl of water with a static, non-moving light bulb reflecting off its surface. Notice when the sound activates the water, HOW the light reflection allows you to see the water’s movement. The sound structures the water into coherent geometric shapes:

Not only can sound frequencies actually change the molecular structure of an animate or inanimate object, they can introduce and encode new information, literally changing DNA and RNA genetic coding on a subatomic level.

With the right combination of frequencies and through the law of resonance, sound has the ability to tune the mind into a resonant state beyond dualism and into the total unity of Whole-Mind Intelligence. This state of Oneness leads to an experience far greater than the local, limited, "fetch wood, carry water," result-driven linear thinking state. This greater experience allows us to question the nature of reality, to realize we are not the form but the infinite mind projecting the form, to make decisions and act accordingly.

Thought Will Create

You may have heard people refer to the biblical quote, "In the beginning, there was the Word. . . " John 1:1 and equate it with sound - as in The Big Bang. At BioTune, we understand "The Word" to be Thought. First, there was Thought, and from Thought comes creation.

Sound frequencies are a form of thought and can also facilitate the sustaining of thoughts and/or a state of mind. The advantage of working with Sound Frequency Healing is that the sound frequencies are being played to hold a state of resonance-awareness long enough to elicit positive change. If you could hold one perfectly clear thought in full intent and alignment with pure WILL without any other thoughts interfering for just 20 minutes, imagine what you would be able to realize? When we are in the resonant Will of Whole-Mind Intelligence, we are in the state of Oneness that is ALL and has ALL, for it is creating ALL. Quantum Physics has proven this and that our "universe" is being projected through thought-sound frequencies based on our perception. All we need to do to experience this is shift our perception. Our programs offer a resource for this shift.

Here we see in Scientist Hans Jenny’s work, Cymatics, how sound can maintain a dynamic moving pattern:

Through resonance with specific sound frequencies, we can assist the mind to drop below the speedy, limited perceptions of the mental range of experience to have the space to perceive beyond the limitations of time. The mind is then able to access and address the pattern or "matter" from the foundation of its origins. When we apply this scientifically proven fact to healing, Sound Frequency Healing becomes a profound tool.

Here we have sound waves creating a consistent combination of sustained frequencies, which form the fine white powder into a very complex rotating wave motion:

Stealth Sonar Ultrasound Communication

Sound has the stealth ability to travel below the order of unwanted defense structures and positively influence your system as a whole. Sound frequencies have been used to stimulate new cellular growth, resolve tumors, dissolve calcium deposits, stimulate new neurological development, deliver nourishment, detoxify, resolve paralysis, remove plaque and tooth decay, act as a carrier frequency to deliver higher forms of knowledge and information, even scan and harvest information.

Sound is used for Ultrasound, a form of x-ray vision without harmful radiation. It is used regularly by prenatal doctors to view the fetus while still inside the womb.

Sound frequencies are used by almost every species in the animal kingdom as a reliable form of communication. Sound is a language for thought. It creates movement and change.

Bats use echolocation to sense and retrieve information from their environment. Elephants and alligators use very low frequency sounds to communicate. Mice, bats, cetaceans and some insects use high frequency sounds outside the range of human hearing.

Dolphins use Sonar and echolocation to communicate as well as hunt and scan large areas of the ocean to retrieve information, such as the location of food and predators like sharks.

Whales use very low frequencies to communicate across vast distances, as the sound travels along the ocean floor.

Well, I think you get the idea... Be sure to check out our references and resources to dive deeper into your own studies of the Power of Sound.

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