By wearing headphones when you listen to BioTune, you will receive greater benefits. Many of the sound frequencies in our programs have been scientifically proven to balance and align the left and right hemispheres of the brain when listened to through headphones.  

Using headphones also gives you a more precise experience with the sound frequencies in our programs and greatly increases their effectiveness.

Not all headphones are the same. For optimal results, use headphones that span the broadest range in the sonic frequency spectrum: from at least 20Hrz to 21Khz. We recommend stereo headphones that offer the lowest audible, deep clear bass through to the highest highs.

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One of our favorite choices is the pillow headphone series by Sleepsonic™. They have proven to be as effective as wrap-around headphones and offer greater comfort and ease of use while lying down. Sleepsonic™ is excellent for use with Sonic One of The Foundation Series™ while sleeping.

Click on the images to visit the Sleepsonic™ website for more info and to purchase directly. Enjoy!

Sleepsonic Brocade Quilt STANDARD Pillow

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Sleepsonic™ Brocade Quilt STANDARD Pillow
Our Price:$129.95

Sleepsonic  Executive Black  STANDARD Pillow

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Sleepsonic™ Executive Black STANDARD Pillow
Our Price:$109.95

Sleepsonic Information

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