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Listening Instructions

This information is included in the written material of each SFH audio program.

Unless otherwise specified, use headphones, and sit or lie down with eyes closed. Relax and let go. Allow the frequencies to do the work!

Why are there two tracks with different lengths that sound almost the same in this program?

Many of our programs come with two tracks: 25 and 45 minutes. Unless otherwise specified, these programs are identical. Only the length of time is different. Which you choose will depend on how much time you have and what you feel ready for. Generally, you will start with the shorter track. Then, within a few sessions move to the use of the longer track, which offers a deeper experience of the program.

How long should I work with each program?

Give yourself plenty of time to work with each program, as the change will take effect based on the length and consistency of use. We recommend working with each program regularly for 3 - 5 days for at least 3 weeks then seeing how you feel. From here, you can continue or use that program whenever you feel the call.

How do I work with or listen to the programs?

When you listen, try not to "listen" at all. Instead, allow your mind to let go and relax. You are ideally rejoining with your source mind within, which is slower in speed than you think and entirely beyond your mental brain thoughts. For best results, lie down and allow the frequencies to do the work. If you find you are not achieving the desired state, observe what you are feeling, take deep breaths, see what is there or needs to be processed and released for you to relax.

Do I work with intent or focused meditations?

The simple intent to work with the subject of each program is enough, and the frequencies will work directly with your system. You can create an intention with any of the programs to resolve or gain insight around a specific situation. However, you do not need to, and if you find that you are an overly mental-focused person, meditating with a specific intention can actually prevent you from gaining the benefits of the programs. Through a deeper experience of the non-mental state we call Oneness, our programs are designed to assist you in moving beyond the limits of mental brain thinking, which derives conclusions and limitations about the nature of reality and about "the future" based on the "the past."

If you intend to bridge the distance between your local self-identify here now and your source mind that is constant, eternal, beyond form and limits, using these programs will greatly support you. They will assist you in developing the ability to access this state of mind regularly for yourself by experiencing, recognizing, choosing and allowing it to be.

Why do I fall asleep using some of these programs?

There are two reasons:

1) Many people living in the busy, stressful Western culture do not enter into the deep Delta sleep range, which is a mode of repair and revitalizing, because their nervous systems gradually get stuck in "fight or flight." This is due to lack of awareness of a deeper union with the Source of Life within. If you are sleep-deprived or rundown, you may fall asleep listening to some of our programs. Our programs work with bringing you back into union and resonance with the Source of Life within, which helps your mind-body nervous system reset and and allows you to achieve deeper sleep.

2) These programs help you access a state of Oneness that is beyond but does not exclude mental-cognition. Initially, you may only be able to access this state while you are sleeping. Your system may need to re-calibrate on a non-cognitive, sleep state level. Then, as you are gradually exposed to the state of Oneness, you will become more consciously aware of it, and you will experience it more directly. Ultimately, Oneness or Whole-Mind Intelligence is your natural, awakened state, where love, joy, peace and happiness are the norm and your guides through life.

What are Primordial Nature Sounds?

Primordial nature sounds help the nervous system recognize a biological, natural, primal, elemental truth within the audio spectrum, assisting the mind to further relax. We live in a fast-paced, busy, industrial, technological society far from our organism’s natural, primordial origins. The body needs to feel this primordial connection to relax, let go and reset. The nervous system hears, feels and recognizes the primordial nature sounds on a deep non-cognitive level.

The complexity and fullness of many of the sounds in nature are simply impossible to duplicate. Many bird sounds are encoded with countless, different frequencies, intonations and sequencing variables that stimulate the mind in ways beyond logical thinking and explanation. Primordial nature sounds help all the sonic frequencies of each particular program blend together well, creating a full spectrum sound-scape for greater effectiveness. Enjoy!