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Balance New Perspective

•   Helps resolve being "run" by emotions

•   Accessing and expressing emotions positively

•   Move beyond fear and depression

•   Drop below the content to see the larger

•   perspective.

•   Deepens capacity for forgiveness


Emotional Integration
This program offers a balance with the emotions. It builds a deeper capacity to be confident, honest and less reactive. It supports knowing-remembering you are not your emotions and understanding why you are feeling what you are feeling without either your emotions Listening-Instructions.php shapeimage_6_link_0


Running time: 70 Minutes

Track 1) 25min. 2) 45min.

Finely tuned specific sonic frequencies mixed with primordial nature sounds and high & low end frequency for increasing listening and learning skills and resolving sensory overwhelm. balances left/right hemispheres of the brain. Increases overall flow of energy and systemic communication.

Head Phones


"This program helped me go right to my deepest fear, and face it! I no longer feel controlled by my fear." THANK YOU!



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