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•   Inspires deep breathing

•   Deeply relaxing

•   Moving beyond limiting patterns

•   WILL to forgive and live

•   Deepens interconnectedness in

•   relationships

Breath Of Life

Sonic frequencies associated with the lungs, reducing fear, focusing attention, anti-depression, deeper breathing, health, vitality, circulation, nourishment and the will to forgive and live. 

The Breath Of Life program helps to bring you into a deep relaxed state, working in the Delta range while introducing carrier frequencies that assist in neutralizing holding patterns. The breath can then deepen and elaborate without effort. There are specific frequencies in this program that actually encourage the interest and inspiration to breathe, opening the mind so your body can take deep effortless breath as needed.
The purpose of this program is to assist in dropping you into a deep, slow center point, where all is within, where you recognize you are infinite, potent intelligence. This is an experiential feeling of vast, open space and brings peace and clarity. It is from here that the Listening-Instructions.php shapeimage_5_link_0

New Breath New Life

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Running time: 70 Minutes

Track 1) 25min. 2) 45min.

Ocean waves mixed with sonic frequencies associated with the lungs,  reducing fear, attention focusing, anti-depression. Facilitates new inspiration and the Will to forgive and live!

Head Phones


"I feel my body relax and let go and I can feel all space around me. My breathing is deeper and my mood throughout the day is easy and calm."

David S.F. Ca.

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Breath Of Life
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