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About Biotune SFH and Our Approach

How are these audio recordings different from music audio recordings?

Our audio recordings are designed using precise sound frequencies known to facilitate healing. We use sound as a holistic healing tool. Music audio recordings are designed more for artistic expression. While many of our audio programs are very pleasing to listen to from a musical standpoint, all Sound Frequency Healing™ audio programs are specifically structured based on their intended use and according to what is required for the best possible results.

What is Sound Frequency Healing?

Sound Frequency Healing? is a precise science backed by over 50 years of research and clinical studies and proven to be effective beyond a reasonable doubt.

Our audio programs act as a bridge for accessing and sustaining a deeper state of awareness we call Whole-Mind Intelligence or, simply, Oneness. This is a state of mind where health and higher intelligence originate. Listening to our Sound Frequency Healing™ audio programs can help you Tune into this state of mind, reconnect to the source of life within you and remind you of your natural, calm state of being, your true Self. This healing is possible through what physics calls the Law of Resonance.

How do I listen to these audio recordings?

You can listen through regular stereo speakers. For absolute best results, unless otherwise stated, we recommend listening through stereo headphones or "ear buds." Click here for much more info on Listening Instructions.

How does Sound Frequency Healing work?

On a subatomic level through vibratory resonance, sound can bring a disorganized mind-body-system back into a coherent, calibrated, organized, functioning, whole.

This is done in two ways:

1)SFH programs create within your mind-body system what quantum physicists refer to as the "Zero Point" or a "standing wave." A standing wave is a state where two frequency signals cancel each other out and create a "parting of the seas" effect. This creates a neutral center or mid-line within your mind-body system, a "Zero Point" that quiets the overly mental, fear-driven brain chatter and allows the natural state of Whole-Mind Intelligence to be experienced. This is what advanced meditators achieve.

2)We include specific frequencies within each program that work with rebalancing specific aspects of the mind-body system. Everything in 3D has a frequency or energetic signature. For example, Zinc resonates as 31HRZ. Be it bone, blood, nerves, cerebrospinal fluid, the liver, every aspect of the mind-body system has its own resonating frequency. By playing fundamental frequencies back to your system, you are given the opportunity through sympathetic resonance to reorganize and re-calibrate to a higher functioning order.

Click here to see a video demonstration of the Law of Resonance

How can healing happen using BioTune?

Whole Mind Intelligence is an experience beyond words - where the heart is open and the mind is One with the source of life within. This Self-Knowing is a state of awareness where the mind is beyond conflict, fear, duality or doubt and in complete harmony and alignment.

In Sound Frequency Healing, we use frequencies that introduce a fundamental coherency, helping you to experientially remember who you really are beyond the limits of time, form and mental thinking. In this state, the mind retunes to Oneness, the heart radiates peace, joy and confidence, and the body reflects health and vitality.

The Sonic Foundation Series™ is the starting point to calm, stabilize and nourish your mind-body system, by exposing you to fundamental frequencies and harmonics that bring Self-Knowing, coherency, peace and empowerment. All the other programs and series build on this foundation and work with the various aspects and challenges of life. For example, the Integration Series works with Sexual, Emotional, Sensory and Trauma Integration. The programs take these aspects of your life and bring them back into Whole-Mind Oneness for greater attunement and ease.


Sound Frequency Healing assists in guiding you to a greater understanding of what you innately are. In truth, these programs are only of any use to you, if they help you shift from thinking you are just a limited body-identity living in the confinements of time into realizing, living and being the timeless, infinite, ever-present creator that you always, eternally, already are.

We each appear to have our own time or timing. The Whole Mind Intelligence of Oneness is infinite and, therefore, innate, always within and BEYOND time and timing. We say this, because these programs come from and serve this intelligence completely. If you hold this intent, you can drop into this timeless state.

Our goal is to bring you back home to your original Self, true and complete, where you always have been, but maybe just don’t yet fully remember.


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